The growing concern of back pain in golfing performance

The growing concern of back pain in golfing performance

The concern is beginning to grow with the amount of competitive golfers suffering with cases of chronic low back pain!!

For further information on why this is the case follow my link on Applied Biomechanics of a Golf Swing: An Osteopathic Perspective.

Dynamic Osteopaths are Registered Sports Osteopaths practicing out of Solihull and Birmingham that work within performance and injury within professional golf at local and tour player levels. Here we work with PGA Midlands, MPGA Midlands and the Warwickshire Golf Union, and see competitive golfers on a regular basis, who are complaining of pain, back pain, joint pain, biomechanical compromise, swing faults and overall de-conditioning within the whelm of professional and amateur golf. Golf Performance with Dynamic Osteopaths.


For Further information please please free to contact the clinics at:

Tel: 0121 472 1268     Email:

Osteopaths practicing in Solihull and Harborne Birmingham, Specialising in biomechanics and golfing performance.




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