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Dynamic Osteopaths provide and offer an exclusive Personal Training service and Injury Rehabilitation out of Tudor Grange Leisure Centre in Solihull that is setting new industry standards for rapid and outstanding physical performance transformations.

Our specialised approach to Personal Training ensures you achieve the best possible results you want no matter what your goals. Our Director and lead Personal Trainer is a sports osteopath and exercise specialist who has developed an experienced highly qualified wealth of knowledge in exercise performance and injury rehabilitation.

Dynamic Osteopaths Personal Training provides a high-standard luxury Personal Training service in the centre of Solihull, West Midlands out of fantastic facilities within Tudor Grange Leisure Centre. Over the years Dynamic Osteopaths have built a very high reputation for high quality personal training services within Solihull and surrounding local areas of Birmingham and Warwickshire.


Our aim is to take you to the peak of your athletic performance and conditioning with all the support you need from an exercise specialist and a fully qualified healthcare professional; whether that be an osteopath, physiotherapist, sports medicine doctor or a specialist consultant. Our unique services cover every aspect from individual programme design, injury and movement science, nutrition planning, physical therapy, manual therapy, regular monitoring, goal setting and re-assessments to ensure you achieve the very best results possible. We are also sports injury specialists, who work daily with injury rehabilitation and musculoskeletal dysfunction, providing regular treatment to a high standard, and IF necessary our lead personal trainer Adam Whatley is also fully qualified in musculoskeletal / joint injection therapy and can provide cortisone injections under the correct circumstances and IF fully needed. This being said, he will try every conservative method prior to this before hand.

Feedback from our clients gives us huge confidence and we are raising the bar across the industry. Our goal was simple – to deliver outstanding results whilst providing the best personal training in Solihull.


Warwickshire Golf Union lecture on Golf Performance and Injury within competitive and professional golf – Adam Whatley Registered Sports Osteopath

Lecture at the Stonebridge Golf Club on Performance and Injury Prevention within Professional and Amature Golfers By Sports Osteopath Adam Whatley.

Related Subject – Biomechanics within golf and it relations with performance and injury.

Follow link provided here for further information on Golfing Performance and Injury

Dynamic Osteopaths are registered osteopaths exercise specialists that have a particular interest in golf related performance and injuries.

Sports Osteopath Adam R Whatley is practicing out of Henley in Arden, Solihull and Harborne Birmingham.

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Alternately contact the clinic on info@dynamicosteopaths.com or call the clinic mobile on 079663 17712.

Common causes of injury and dysfunction seen by Dynamic Osteopaths

This can be a reaction evolving from a combination of stress factors which ultimately increase demand on muscles and increase compensatory factors:

1) muscular and postural imbalances
2) occupational, recreational stress
3) structural imbalances ie; leg length, birth defects)
4) hyper mobility or reduced mobility or joint, inclusive of arthritis.
5) repetitive strain / overuse
6) emotional stress factors
7) breathing pattern abnormalities
8) trauma, inflammation and subsequent fibrosis
9) disuse, immobility
10) reflexogenic influences (viserosomatic, myofascial…)
11) climate stress
12) nutritional deficiencies (reduced vitamin C reduces collagen efficiency for example)
13) infection or disease

These are all very important factors when considering injury and dysfunction and should be looked into very carefully.

Hereat Dynamic Osteopaths in Solihull and Henley In Arden, Warwickshire, we carefully examine each individual component that may be causing it predisposing your complaint.

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Clinic mobile: 07966317713