How Osteopathic Medicine Works

How Osteopathic Medicine Works

How Osteopathic Medicine Works

More and more people are consulting osteopaths, reaching over 7 million consultation each year, this mainly due to natural promotion of health.
Osteopaths have been helping people variety of a variety of ages with varied health issues for many years without the use surgery at a first call.

Osteopaths get proven results with these specific health conditions by using the best available evidence based research, patient preference and osteopathic expertise.

Here at Dynamic Osteopaths we use out underpinning osteopathic medical philosophy along with new and up and coming research to provide the best level of pain relief services to our patients. Here we assess your health, explain what we’ve found and make specific recommendations once what it is we may have found:

• Your health and Wellbeing is primary objective
• The optimal function and your neurology and circulatory system
• Stress results in cortisol and can overload your body systems relating you illness and poor health
• Spinal joint dysfunction had a large relation to compensatory control
• Spinal manipulation can help restore spinal range if motion

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Osteopathy room rental / Physiotherapy room rental


Therapy Room Hire

Clinic Therapy Room available to rent /hire on Doctors Lane Henley In Arden


Room Rates:

Rates are fair and reasonable. Please enquire for therapy rooms to rent with Dynamic Osteopaths In Henley In Arden.

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Common causes of injury and dysfunction seen by Dynamic Osteopaths

This can be a reaction evolving from a combination of stress factors which ultimately increase demand on muscles and increase compensatory factors:

1) muscular and postural imbalances
2) occupational, recreational stress
3) structural imbalances ie; leg length, birth defects)
4) hyper mobility or reduced mobility or joint, inclusive of arthritis.
5) repetitive strain / overuse
6) emotional stress factors
7) breathing pattern abnormalities
8) trauma, inflammation and subsequent fibrosis
9) disuse, immobility
10) reflexogenic influences (viserosomatic, myofascial…)
11) climate stress
12) nutritional deficiencies (reduced vitamin C reduces collagen efficiency for example)
13) infection or disease

These are all very important factors when considering injury and dysfunction and should be looked into very carefully.

Hereat Dynamic Osteopaths in Solihull and Henley In Arden, Warwickshire, we carefully examine each individual component that may be causing it predisposing your complaint.

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Treatment for Arthritis – Age related changes (Osteoarthritis)


Arthritis is a very common and painful condition of joint inflammation, which is a consequence of age related changes. Thus, ultimately leading to degenerative changes and joint structural compromise. This brief article will outline the causes of osteoarthritis and the treatment of osteoarthritis at our Osteopathic Clinics in Solihull and Henley in Arden. 


Predisposing factors and causes of osteoarthritis include: 


– Age


– Hyper-mobility


– Previous trauma


– Obesity


– Mal-alignment / biomechanical compromise


– Vascular insufficiency


– Hormonal imbalances


Ultimately, leading to progressive softening and cartilage degradation. Osteoarthritis is mainly present in weight bearing joints, which are predisposed with progressive stiffening, reduced joint range of motion and a dull ache, associated with sharp pain on the outer joint margins.

Our Osteopathic Clinics in Solihull and Henley in Arden have high amounts of experience in the treatment of arthritis. It is our aim to reduce the rate of patients having to have surgical interventions, with osteopathic treatment aimed at maintaining arthritic joint mobility and by promoting joint dynamic stability. This is done by addressing weaknesses of particular involved joints; biomechanical (movement) dysfunctional patterns which may be increasing functional demands, mobilising and stretching joint capsules, that may be associated with fibrotic (scar tissue) changes. Finally, it is our aim to provide specific motor training exercises, that allow joint to become more stable, in efforts to reduced the rate of further pain and dysfunction.

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Golf Fitness – Injury & Performance

Here at Dynamic Osteopaths in Solihull and Henley In Arden we are exercise specialist, Sports Osteopaths with a particular interest in golfing injuries and golfing performance. Adam R Whatley (MSc.Ost) is a consultant sports Osteopath for the Belfry Academy (Midlands) and is also an associate Sports Osteopath for the PGA Midlands . Here we work with the screening of Amatuer and professional Golfers, in addition to observing / treating areas of dysfunction, which are relating to reduced performance. We also work with specific strength and conditioning, which is specific to professional PGA coaching.

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Osteopathic Back Pain Teatment Solihull

Osteopathy is a recognized form of primary musculoskeletal treatment aimed at reducing pain and restoring function. All Osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and carry out revaluation of registration every year to ensure that the best case of care is being held and maintained. Here at Dynamic Osteopaths our registered Osteopaths practice out of Solihull, Henley In Arden and Warwickshire, offering the best form of Osteopathic care to you back pain, joint pain or whatever it may be. Here we see a wide range of patients from many different backgrounds seeking back pain treatment, treatment for joint pain, neck pain treatment or sports injury treatment and management. In addition, our musculoskeletal and performance specialist Adam Whatley is a graduate of Master of Osteopathy and has a very established background in professional elite level exercise / personal training and helps many clients seeking weight management or performance enhancement.

Osteopathy is also regularly used for the treatment of chronic headaches, degenerative conditions (osteoarthritis) and neurological deficit. Here at our practises in Solihull / Henley In Arden and Warwickshire we will provide a friendly consultation which will involve taking a full medical case history, physical examination and treatment following an accurate diagnosis. The physical examination will involve performing a wide range of simple movement to assess range of motion and will provide very valued information on what may be contributing to your condition. Treatment will involve a comprehensive range of manual techniques used in Osteopathy along with physical therapy, tapping and acupuncture. Also, information will be provided on lifestyle advice along with injury prevention and and how to increase and maintain performance.
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